We use 3 online, social channels to feature your collage through the Collage Collective Co, they are as follows;



With just over 38,000 followers this is our most popular and engaging social channel.

In order to maintain a consistently high standard of featured work there are a number of things that we look out for when choosing the next lot of works to feature.

Firstly, your profile can't be private. If your account is private we are unable to view your works, at all - even if you use the hashtag or tag us.

Secondly, you have to use the hashtag #collagecollectiveco. You can tag @collagecollectiveco as well but only tagging us (@collagecollectiveco) in your posts may mean that we miss your work due to the number of notifications we receive.

The next important thing that we look for is how you've presented your work. Your piece must be clean and clear so if your work is analogue and you're taking a photo, make sure it's in good light and isn't blurry.

Another really important point that carries on from the way you present your work is that your work has to be a square. This allows us to easily screenshot your work and post without having to crop images individually.

You must also either fill the square or have your work float within the square. We don't like to see bands of empty space above, below or down the sides of the works unless it on all edges (see examples below). If you're taking a photo of your work and its not a square (1:1 ratio) make sure there's space all around the image and not just down the sides or across the top and bottom. We like to see the whole artwork fit within the square, not crammed into the square with weird panelling visible. If you're not sure what we mean by this, check out what we've previously featured to get a better idea of how to present your work.


With over 10,000 followers, this is our second most popular and engaging social channel. If you're successful in having your work featured on our Instagram you will automatically be featured on our Tumblr blog

We do however have a submit section where you are able to upload any of your works in any shape and size for review.

As long as your works are again, clean and clear, there is a high chance you will be published on our Tumblr blog.



Initially Collage Collective Co featured artists quite regularly on Facebook but in recent times majority of our attention has been focused on Instagram as it has gained more of an audience. Just like Tumblr, if you're successful in being featured on our Instagram you will automatically be featured on our Facebook page.

Recently we created a Facebook Group for everyone and anyone on Facebook to share their work. Simply request to join, post your latest piece(s) and check out all the other cool artists who have already posted.

Our Facebook page is a major place where we announce upcoming publications and all our news so make sure, if you haven't already, to like us and stay in the loop.



Social features now available as a directory listing extra.



Please note the information/tips supplied on this page will not guarantee you a feature on our social channels but if your work is great and you follow these guidelines you have a higher chance.

We really appreciate the support you have for Collage Collective Co and the collage art community in general and we thank you for liking, following, posting and being involved.

We don't try to be perfect and are always open to feedback so if you would like to get in contact please do so through the form below.

Thank you,