We welcome one and all to join us as we display an artist directory that doesn't look to judge collage art based on personal preferences or personal aesthetics. That's right, our directory will not be curated as we look to discover more artists and expand our known artists list. We are hoping this directory continues to be a more inclusive representation of the depth of collage and mixed media talent found in the wider community.

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We have magazines, publications, brands and potential clients approach us looking for artists to work with and unfortunately, in the past, we never had a resource that assists us and/or the magazine, publication, brand or potential client in finding and reaching suitable artists. We use our directory for such scenarios along with finding and contacting suitable artists for our own internal projects and publications. We also see this directory assisting other collage and mixed media artists for various projects, collaborations and to just simply find and connect with other fellow artists.



If you would like to be part of our artist directory simply head to our Directory Plans page. On the Directory Plans page you'll find all the details around our 'Premium' (paid) and 'Standard' (free) directory plans. At the bottom of the page there will be a form; simply fill out this form and submit it. Once submitted, we will be in contact with details regarding what will be needed from you to process your directory listing.