Pauline Galiana

Who is Pauline Galiana and what does she do?

French born living in the US, I have been exposed to dual cultural contexts since early childhood: French, North African, Swiss, and American. The collage form came naturally to me, as a way to bring together differences. I also explore other media, pastel and gouache drawing, oil painting and photography.


When did you first start playing around with collage as an art form?

When I first lived on my own while in art school, I started assembling and playing around with fruit stickers that I had been collecting. I did not even realize at the time that my kitchen walls had become an active art installation. I continued working with this medium but have since transferred it to translucent surfaces.


Who and/or what inspires you and your work?

Everything around me can serve as inspiration as I respond strongly to visual stimuli. Concretely speaking, Paul Klee and Bram Van Velde are two of the artists who have influenced me the most. 


What's your creative space like?

I like to maintain a space in which I can switch my focus and never feel locked down on a project. I work in a space with long narrow tables and keep several pieces ready to be worked on at anytime.


How would you describe your creative style or theme?

Although polymorph, my work generally sources itself in the broad theme of deconstruction versus reconstruction, mixing instinctive states of mind with free hand and formal associations, using obsessive and meditative processes tuned to rigorous grids. 


What are some key things you consider when creating pieces?

In and off the grid. Rhythm.


Without giving up all your secrets, what is your artistic process when creating a work?

I work in bursts of energy. I always have different pieces in progress. I like to give a piece time to settle in the middle of the creative process, allowing me to move on to another work until I’m ready to go back to the previous piece. This allows me to keep a sharp, creative, and open energy and develop several different work series at a time.


If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

I definitely wouldn't say no to the help of a team of assistants to cut and curl my million paper loops! Otherwise I'd love to collaborate with a sculptor for an installation piece.


Aside from creating your artworks, what else keeps you busy?

Work for a living. I'm a designer and a space organizer.


Any recent, current or future projects we should know about?

I'm preparing a new series of "Shredded" collages for a show at the Durham Art Council in NC coming up at the end of 2017. I'm also exploring a 3D collage series.


Based on your experience, what advice would you give someone looking to start making collage art?

Collect, collect and keep your collected material organized to make it easier to use when you are ready to create.

Look at collage in art history.