Peter Horvath


Who is Peter Horvath and what does he do?

Multidisciplinary artist. Husband. Dad. Man with a mortgage.


When did you first start playing around with collage as an art form?

1995. I came across the work of Dadaists Hannah Höch & John Heartfield and my head almost


What's your creative space like?

Cozy. Creative cave. Imagine a floor with magazines strewn everywhere, in piles, magazines open to certain pages. Organized chaos. White walls with 500+ vinyl record collection on one, artworks on the other. Drum kit in corner.


How would you describe your creative style or theme?

Collage works exploring narrative, abstraction, and the hypnagogic, pushing the boundaries of convention, displacing the familiar and nostalgic with unique, surreal touches. That’s lifted from my website :)


Without giving up all your secrets, what is your artistic process when creating a work?

Generally, sitting on the floor looking through material for either inspiration or specific references. Once I begin assemblage I lose myself in free associations. I tend to work late at night, often until 1 or 2am.


If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

John Coltrane.


Aside from creating your artworks, what else keeps you busy?

Mostly making work, and family life, which is important to me. My daughter is my greatest achievement.


Any recent, current or future projects we should know about?

Working on a video installation piece that is almost complete. It’ll be on my site soon.