Yehoshua Viles

Who is Yehoshua Viles and what does he do?

Yehoshua Viles is an artist from Sydney, Australia. He makes all kinds of artworks, in many mediums.


When did you first start playing around with collage as an art form?

Yesterday. (13.01.17)


Who and/or what inspires you and your work?

The dissonance of instruction and intervention.


What's your creative space like?

A 5 x 6 meter bedroom smack bang in the middle of residential canvas in Sydney's southern suburbs.

How would you describe your creative style or theme?

I'm told my collages are "novel".

What are some key things you consider when creating pieces?

It's very subconscious. If you be too considerate, then the artwork will be too considerate - At least that's how it is with me.


Without giving up all your secrets, what is your artistic process when creating a work?

I don't use scissors, scissors are too surgical. I get paint involved sometimes.


If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Leonardo da Vinci, or Brett Whiteley.


Aside from creating your artworks, what else keeps you busy?

A steel factory.


Any recent, current or future projects we should know about?

I also paint and draw. But I can't afford 'projects'.


Based on your experience, what advice would you give someone looking to start making collage art?

Try not to be linear. Don't just cut and paste. There is no "cut here" lines. No outlines or edges. Don't be afraid to damage your materials.